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July 6, 2011
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I have to tell few things…

First of all my ENGLISH IS BAD..!
Second… What's written in -...- means a person talking.
And Third… What's written in *…* means a person thinking...

I should apologize that my stories has a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, but that's just something I can't control… So I APOLOGIZE about it…
Please don't get angry about it..!

             SH. Agency: We need to talk. Ch20.

        Hinata heard a knock on the door and rushed to open it. –Thank you so much for coming over earlier! – Hinata said and let the guest come in. –It's okay! I am glad that you decided to go to the weeding. – Answered Tsunade. –If there is anything you need, call me! I will rush back as soon as possible! – Hinata said and hugged Tsunade.
        -No! Mommy has to rest from us. We will be okay with Tsunade baa-Chan! – Said Ryuuhiho. –Okay okay! – Said Hinata and laughed. She looked in the mirror and sighed.
        She was wearing red cocktail dress, In addition to the fabric layer, the veil fell down from her hips, but it didn't cover her slim legs. She had black light scarf in her hands.
        -You are beautiful mommy. – Said Kozuhi and that surprised Hinata. –Thank you dear. – She said and smiled. –You have to go Hinata! You still need to go after the present for them, don't you? – Asked Tsunade and Hinata nodded. –I am sorry for the trouble. – Hinata said and hugged Tsunade again.
        –Okay, I am going. Kozuhi and Ryuuhiho be good boys and don't do bad things, okay? – Said Hinata and both of them nodded. –Good. – She leaned to hug them. –I love you. – Said Hinata and kissed their foreheads. –We love you too. – Both of them said and Hinata headed out to the weeding.

             At the weeding.

        Hinata just entered the building. Ceremony was just about to start, but they all noticed Hinata and stopped. It was so good to see this good person again. All these three years they didn't heard a thing about Hinata! Only thanks to Tsunade, everybody knew, that she was alive and okay. Only thanks to Tsunade, Hinata got the letter about weeding... It was all thanks to Tsunade.
        Sakura was the first who rushed to hug Hinata. –Oh my God! Hinata you came! – She yelled in her ear. –I still came... – Hinata mumbled. She didn't slept half of the night thinking about coming and in the end she came. *I hope I will not regret it...* Thought Hinata and smiled.
        -I am so happy to see you! – Sakura said and let go Hinata to wipe away the tears. –We all are happy to see you here. – Said someone from Sakura's back. –Naruto... I am happy to see all of you too... – Hinata said and honestly smiled. –You have to start the ceremony! – Hinata suddenly said feeling uneasy about the attention she got when it was Sakura's and Naruto's weeding.
         After ceremony they had a ball and Hinata was sitting alone in the corner of the room, drinking wine and enjoying watching the happy couple in the center of attention. But she noticed someone, who sat down next to her.
        -I didn't saw you at the ceremony... Sasuke. – She quietly said and took another wine sip. –I wasn't there... – He answered and Hinata heard his sight. She laughed. –What's so funny? – Asked Sasuke and Hinata looked at him. –This reminds me of the talk which we had few years ago, when I just got out of the hospital. – Hinata said and smiled.
        -What do you mean? – He asked. Sasuke didn't change at all. He still was that sexy, mysterious, damned, dark and hard going person she remembered. –Back then we talked little bit while Sakura and Naruto were in the center of attention as they were acting. No one even noticed that we talked or even that you were there. – Hinata said and sadly looked at the couple.
        -I remember. – Sasuke mumbled and looked at Hinata. He didn't saw that weakness in Hinata's eyes anymore. She changed a lot. There weren't any doubts in her eyes about life, she knew what she wanted, she knew what she needed and she knew what she had and could get. Hinata had changed a lot.
        -Where were you these past three years? – Asked Sasuke and looked at the happy couple just the way Hinata did. –I took some time off from work, but now I am back and soon I will start to work again. – Said Hinata and looked at Sasuke. His gaze went to Hinata.
        -You look beautiful... – Said Sasuke and then smiled. No, he had changed, even if only little bit, he still had changed. –Thank you... – Said Hinata and smiled. She didn't blush...
        -Still, do you think that you will get a job easy after what you did? Your dad was really pissed about that... – Sasuke said and sighed. –I know, but he will not be able to do anything if the movie will be mine. He is not a leader in my life. – Hinata drank wine and stood up. –It's already late, I have to go. – Said Hinata and went to the direction where the outdoors was.
        -It's still to early to leave Hinata! – Sasuke went after her. –I can't stay any longer. – Hinata smiled at him. –Really? – He asked and Hinata nodded. –I will be bored if you leave. – Sasuke continued. –Thank you. – Said Hinata and leaned to give him a kiss on the cheek. Then she was gone.
        *What was that?* Hinata asked herself. *A kiss!? Really Hinata... * But that was the first reason why Hinata never wanted to come to the weeding. Hinata loved her kids so much, that it almost hurt... They always reminded Hinata of Sasuke... Each day they became more and more similar to Sasuke. It was almost as if she was loving not only her two amazing boys, but Sasuke too... *Impossible!* Hinata thought as she entered her apartment.
        Tsunade was sleeping on the couch while Kozuhi and Ryuuhiho were sleeping in their beds. Hinata entered the room and kissed both boys. –I love you so much... – Hinata mumbled and went to bed.
        Next day, just as Hinata and Tsunade arranged, Tsunade took them to the private kindergarten. When they left, Hinata got ready to go to the Naruto's, Sakura's and Sasuke's workplace as they were filming the last episode for the serial. For these past three years mostly they were filming in this serial and right now it was going to finish as Sakura was pregnant and she couldn't work much.
        Hinata just watched how Sakura got killed in the serial and she smiled. *She has really become the best actress who I know.* Thought Hinata and heard the director yell 'CUT'. Hinata walked towards them.
        -Good work everyone. – Hinata quietly said and smiled. –Th-thank you… -Naruto answered. He was the only one who could say a word. –Am I not wanted here? – Asked Hinata and laughed. –No! It's just a shock to see you here. – Said Sakura and quickly got up from the floor where she just sat. –Slower! – Hinata yelled when Sakura got up.
        Sakura almost fainted because it's still risky to get this fast up when you are not pregnant but it even riskier when you are.
        Hinata caught Sakura before she was able to fall back down. –Idiot! You can't get up this fast when you are pregnant, you can lose consciousness because of the rapid changes in blood pressure and, as you are pregnant, it's not good to you and your child. – Hinata worriedly said and sighed. –Thank you… But how do you know? – Asked Sakura and Hinata smiled. She already thought of these kinds of situations.
        -My friend was pregnant and though me a lot. – Said Hinata and Sakura smiled. –Please be careful and don't overwork yourself, this isn't a joke. – Said Hinata seriously and Sakura nodded.
        The four of them talked. They talked a lot. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke had some things to tell her about these past three years and Hinata didn't mind to listen. She enjoyed finding out about these things.
        It was already the time, when Hinata had to take her kids out of kindergarten so she left.
        When Hinata was walking from the kindergarten to the apartment with Kozuhi and Ryuuhiho, she decided to go to the shop. She understood it was a mistake when she met that one person. Hinata knew this day will come, but it was still too soon. He understood it from the first glance at the two little boys by Hinata's side. They reminded him someone… Kids reminded him of himself.
        -Mom, who is this uncle, who is so rude to stare at us? – Asked Kozuhi and it drew Hinata's attention and she gathered to say some words. –That's my old friend. – She looked at Kozuhi and smiled. Then she seriously looked at Sasuke. –We need to talk. – Hinata coldly said and took both boys on her hands.

This amazing drawing was made by *lems!!

Here is the link to the original:

Please comment and enjoy this chapter..! :heart:

Next chapter: [link]
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I bet sasuke is going to be surprised when he finds out that he is a father XD
Can't wait to read the next chapter ^^
MikaMika13 Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Definitely he will! :D
Oh Hinata...she really should have told him when she was pregnant
MikaMika13 Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah.. That would be for the best.. :)
MGnolia Jul 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
MikaMika13 Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!! :heart:
MGnolia Jul 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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Wow, SasuHina got in most popular again--this is the second time in a long time. I'm impressed :D
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What!? It got in most popular!? :fawdrop:
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